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Plaza Mocha, Paniqui Tarlac

I accompanied JA on a business trip in Tarlac a few days back. We left Muntinlupa at around 9am and arrived in Paniqui Tarlac at 12 noon. We did not stop by any of the food options along the North Luzon Express Way (NLEX), choosing instead to eat in the Paniqui to save time. We were supposed to be in the area by 1:30 pm for an appointment.

We arrived at Paniqui Tarlac at a little after 12 noon. We drove around a bit to check where we can have our lunch. We passed by Plaza Mocha which was about a street away from the municipal hall, and decided to try the place.

The interior was nice, with a combination of booths and coffee tables. There is a counter where one can order. Menu is also on the wall. I think the place is mostly a coffee shop because they have several drinks and coffee options. Its too bad it was too hot at the time, plus we were hungry, thus we opted for their full meals instead.

I allowed JA  to order for both of us and he originally thought that each meal was good for one, when in fact the servings were actually quite big. We ended up having too much on our table hahaha

We ordered their best seller salad salad with passion fruit vinaigrette (P160), which was actually good. I liked the vinaigrette which was sweet. 

JA also ordered their Savory Baby Back Ribs (P265). The dish arrived with 2 big slabs of ribs, which was actually good for both us. I think he did not see that it was good for two! Hahaha!  

JA also ordered their grilled tuna, which we asked to be wrapped because we were already so full with the ribs. We were able to eat it though later in the day, on our way home. The dish was also good. The accompanying sauces complemented the  tuna well. 

They also gave us complimentary fries which they said was their best seller. I am not sure why but we accepted it and thanked the server. I think an order costed P125, I am just not sure how big a full order is. (And yes, because we were already full, we also had it wrapped.)

I think the place was quite popular with the locals. We left at around 1 pm and people were still coming in, and some were already waiting for seats.

If you happen to find yourself near the area, I would definitely suggest to try the place.