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The Familiar vs The Unknown

I am not a risk taker. I don’t think I am. I am always comforted with the tried and tested, with the safe. With what I know. My morning drive, for example is always the same way, the same road. When I walk, I take the same road, every day. Since it is the familiar, I sometimes walk with my head bowed down, no longer noticing whatever is in front of me. I just know that I need to walk. I know what’s already in front of me.
But there are moments that I want something new. Or I want to think for a while. So I sometimes turn and take a different route. During these times, my head is help up high. I notice a lot of things. During these times too, I have something to share — about the new route, what I noticed, anything that I have not seen before.
Still, I always go back to my “normal”.
It’s safe.
It’s worry-free.
But lately, I have been thinking…
Is my “normal” route, the only route? Maybe there is another road worth looking into? Still I falter.
I am scared of the unknown.
I remember a recent conversation with a dear friend…
I hesitate.
But I know I must venture into it.
One step at a time into the unknown.

One step at a time is all it takes to get you there – Emily Dickinson

One day I would look back on all of these, head help up high, with lots of stories to share, just because  I have taken a different route.
In the meantime, pause, breathe in and out. And most importantly, pray for my route.