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Manmaru - Makati Central Square

Have you recently been to MCS (formerly Makati Cinema Square)?

If you are not a regular Makati person, you may not have known that MCS has undergone a lot of changes since start of this year. It is still known as MCS but it now stands for Makati Central Square.

One of the changes that I like is their new set of restaurants. Along Fernando St, fronting Little Tokyo, MCS now has Samgyupsalamat, JT's, Akitaya and our recent go-to place for Japanese food, and new favorite Japanese place, Manmaru.

Manmaru is beside the entrance to the underground parking pf MCS. I think it is also the most well lit in the area so it is hard to miss the place.

The place is also usually full but they have ample space and lots of tables so it is easy to get a seat if you are not part of a big group. So far, we have not been asked to wait. We  also like that it is so bright and clean inside. Servers were also quite attentive.

I find their price quite affordable given that it is a Japanese place. Servings of those we have ordered so far were also quite generous.  

There is a lot on their menu that it is hard to choose! Good thing that it has pictures 😝😁 so we get an idea of those we are not familiar with. Super plus points that their menu pictures do not disappoint when the actual order comes.

Nikusai Itame Php 169

Gyu Karubi Beef Php 299

Hiyashichuka Php 249

So far, these are the must-trys, or at least what makes us go back several times:
  • Aburi Salmon roll (8 pieces) - Php 199 
  • Spicy Crunch Salmon Roll - Php 199
  • Hiyashichuka (cold noodles) - Php 249
Those are the faves but all that we have ordered so far were good!

Their server informed us that they also have individual rooms for groups. But you may need to come  ahead of the lunch or dinner rush as the place gets filled quickly.

Would definitely go back! 😉👍

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