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About theELLEswhere

About Where Elle Is

Update: March 2017
And now, 2017. Again time to step back and assess.

If you were reading some of my recent posts, and if you know me personally, things have been pretty unexpected. I got married, got pregnant, and now I have a baby. Yup, all that happened in 2 years’ time. :) And I realized, I am uploading again some random thoughts that are not food-related.

Should I have created a different blog for all the other topics? I wanted to. But then, why should I? As I have said before, I am not an expert, just saying personal thoughts and ideas.

So don’t be surprised if you see lots of random topics here. Pretty unexpected, and halo-halo. Well, that's me. :)

Update: September 25, 2014
This blog is constantly evolving. If you have stumbled upon this site in the past, I am sure you will notice it. 

It started out as a personal blog and an online journey, with all my angst and thoughts.I know I also threw in a few poems and short stories here and there based on personal experience and the experience of people around me. 

In 2014
But then I realize that I cannot go against my personality of keeping private things private. The posts (whatever few there are) are still there, if you care to look :)

From there, I realized that I have to organize this. 

And when I checked, I have been posting more and more food shots and my thoughts about it. Okay, I am not an expert. Just someone who loves to eat. LOL! It is a trait that I share with loved ones. I guess being a Filipino, eating is always an event. And so in 2011, it has started to evolve into a food blog, with a few travels thrown here and there. There are still a few random thoughts thrown in, of course :)

And now, ...2014
If you are reading some of my recent posts, you would notice that I am always in search for those nice hole-in-the-wall places, or secret gems that would offer affordable meals. And yup! Right now, most of it are like that. In the past months though I have not been uploading any article (as you know, the job always gets in the way hehe) 

I am sure I would upload some random thoughts that are not food-related. Bear with me. I have my moods and my whims sometimes :)

About Me
I think I am unpredictable. I call myself a paradox. I am careful yet impulsive. I am emotional yet I can hide my real feelings. I would like to think that I know how to act by hiding what I feel. I can laugh even when I want to cry, cry when I am laughing...

I am an advertising executive who wants to do so much yet doesn't always have the time. I want to meet with friends yet work always gets in the way (LOL!). A writer who seldom writes. 

I love to eat but is always on a diet; I love to try out new places to dine but only picks a few as the "regular" dining place. I love to explore and would like to taste the unexpected...

I love to play with my shih tzus Alliz and Neo, and 2 spitzes Candy and Sugar; loves to read, watch movies, dance, capture emotions and travel, yet may not always have the time to do it.

I call myself an enigma as I would like to believe I am hard to guess.

I believe that spending time with my family and loved one is of utmost importance. Thus, I established Sunday lunches after church as a ritual, another form of bonding with the family. 

Elleswhere is my attempt to show what I do, where I eat, what I think. It started as a personal journal, and has evolved into a food blog. Once in  while, some of my real thoughts slips out, in between food shots. 

Come and join me in finding out WHERE ELLE IS. 

Do get in touch!

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