Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A day of remembering

I was not consciously thinking of it. But when we got stuck in traffic after dropping off a colleague, we decided to eat at Forum. It was one of those spur-of-the-moment decision. I didn't know that the stop-over decision will bring me back down memory lane. 

Saw 2 friend who I lost touch for years! About 6 to be exact. How time flew.

We spent the hour catching up on the old group, talking about what we did before, all those trips and the escapades in the provinces!

And I realized my memory failed me. They
talked about an overnight trip in Batangas / tagaytay 
and I couldn't even remember! Haha!

Oyit and Grace promised to send me pictures from the old time. I sure hope they would soon. 

Sigh. Bilis talaga ng panahon. Gone are the days when I would just think of gimiks, and the next province to be conquered. Life is really more serious now. I am really maturing :P

But what the heck. Those days are one of the greatest I have experienced so far in this lifetime :D
So when I got home, I looked for our 'evidence' of the past and I am attaching it here. Not: These were taken 7 years ago ha. And I didn't have a digicam then so I just took pictures of the actual photos. 

Go down memory lane with me with these few choice pics. 

PS Can you guess who was drinking with us in the last pic? :P




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