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And so I was called forth. But I am not part of this. Not in this circle. I was always in the peripherals. But these... these are aliens with centuries behind them. While I am but a human struggling with living.

And there I was. Smiling hesitantly while they chatted, their voices droning on and on, speaking in an ancient language I cannot fathom. Topics and experiences I am not aware of, nor could not imagine.

Everyone knew the other. And I felt conspicuous. I dont belong. The alien beside me smiled and introduced herself. I attempted a reply. But perhaps she noticed the youth? The inexperience? Or the insiginificance? Our conversation faltered and there was no more to say.

I should know what they are, should understand. I may become like them in my distant future. Or perhaps not. I am not even sure I want that.

And so I stayed. Tortured in my chair. Concentrated on what I was sent to do. I will get everything that I can soak in. Unnoticed.