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A diamond of activities

5 more days and counting... This Friday, September 4 is our product launch. One of the biggest brands that my team is handling is "arriving in the Philippines".
The past few weeks have been filled with a lot of stress, overtimes, meeting deadlines .... all the pressure that define ad agency life. But it has been fun I should say.
Finalizing foreign ushers and dancers, music, preparing keynotes, checking souvenirs, speeches, AVPs... I think all the different projects you can encounter in an ad life is rolled into this one big launch. From print production, to writing, editing, broadcast production -- all to be staged in just one night! Fortunately, I have an able team supporting this launch. From my CD, to my producers, and finally to my AEs that are just there. Walang reklamo
I could say I am fortunate to be in the team that gives this kind of opportunities. And this is one project that has proved it again.
I can't wait to check how it would all go on September 4.

And after that, off to Bicol to do another launch! Whew!