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Hi ho Silver away!

A product launch is always tedious. From planning to checking scripts, coordinating and planning even the littlest detail, it is almost a relief when you finally reach the night (or the day) of the launch. This time, it is a 2 months work all compressed into one final staging!

The launch was not perfect. It could have been better. First, the AVP experienced a little technical glitch, the reveal which was practiced perfectly doing rehearsals failed to deliver... and the others, which i will not mention here lest it call attention to itself.

Still I want to congratulate the team, who never left the task, who were there for the love of the job, who kept a smile despite the high emotions and the lack of sleep.... It would not be this successful if not for you - Felix, Apple, Krix, Niche, Nante, Joji, Erikka, Kim (who wrote most of the scripts!) and to Team Z (who kept the other accounts running when we were so busy with the launch - Alvin, Joan and Queen). Cheers to all of you!

After almost a month of sleepless nights, going home late, continuing work even in my dreams, finally, the silver has risen! And I am proud to be part of it!

Our companion during those nights. Coffee at 12 mn.
Taking a break during a cab ride, result from days of lack of sleep.

The team working at the lobby of the hotel.