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Cibo delicioso

I can't exactly remember why I seldom eat at Cibo but lately, I have been rediscovering the place. I must say that it is my current favorite pasta place. 
Below are just pictures of last night's dinner (my nth visit this month)
Pasta Novegese Farfalle @ P275
The Norvegese is cream, capers and smoked salmon. I don't particularly enjoy it (just because I am comparing it with Ala Romana) but the salmon does not mix well with the cream. It was as if I was tasting the cream, the pasta and the salmon separately. Also, the cream does not seem to coat the pasta very well so there were moments I was eating just pasta. 

Oblong pizza :)
Pizza Prosciutto di Parma @P358
I only tasted the Pizza Prosciutto di Parma as I was already full with the pasta (yes, I finished the Norvegese despite the comment above :P). It is bacon, cheese and the leaf (which I do not really know). The combination made me feel as if I was eating healthy though it is pizza. By the way, it has thin crust which was really crunchy.
Yes, it still has the regular 8 slices

Current favorite  Pasta Ala Romana Spaghetinni @ P225
Cibo Greenbelt's dining area
I plan to come back again soon. I can't wait to rediscover the other pasta dishes I have ignored for so long.