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Frozen Yoghurt Indulgence

After a disappointing dinner, my food partner Junjie and I decided we should at least compensate the night with a nice dessert. Since we were on a "healthy" mode, we decided to forego the chocnut pie beckoning at us from the other kiosk and decided to indulge ourselves with frozen yoghurt.

Cost for a regular cup is P85, while large is about P100. Since size did not differ much, we opted for the regular cup with one topping each (additional P15, 20 or 25 depending on topping). And because we were trying to be healthy, we chose fruits. I opted for strawberry while Junjie opted for mango.

Strawberry topping seemed to come from a can but not the Baguio variety, and I actually tasted strawberries, not just syrup. The mangoes were fresh so all in all I guess it somehow compensated for my disappointment over dinner at Jack's Loft. I initially wished cost of toppings was the same as California Berry as it gave 3 fresh fruit toppings for the same prize but then again, we enjoyed our yoghurt while listening to acoustic music that rainy night in Il Terrazo, Tomas Morato.

Music and yoghurt (with rain on the background) proved to be a nice, relaxing ending to the night.

with mango toppings

with strawberry toppings
The view from our seat FYI, an acoustic band was playing that night
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