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Jack's Loft

I think it was my first time to go to Il Terrazo in Tomas Morato, Quezon City. After all, I live in the south, plus I don’t see any point in going to the north, unless I have something important to do.

But one rainy Thursday, I found myself “exploring” the north and reminding myself of how it used to be when I was studying in the premiere university.

Since we were both in the north, my food partner Junjie and I decided to meet up and have dinner. The only condition? It should be a place that cannot be found in the Makati area, or at least not in Greenbelt or Glorietta. We ended up in Jack’s Loft.

Okay, of about the 6 or so restaurants there, I cannot remember why we chose Jack’s loft. And I regretted it.

I don’t know if I just ordered poorly but this is the first time I couldn’t even go through half my meal. And that is saying something when we were taught as children to always finish what’s on our plate.

I ordered the squash soap. Its croutons were so hard, the soup was salty and it did not even have a slice of bread to balance the taste. My entrĂ©e was shepherd’s pie. When it arrived I thought ‘okay, this will make up for the bad squash soup’. But I was grossly mistaken. I think it was just mashed potato. I can barely taste the meat as it seemed they only put a layer of ground pork. You have to dig around the mashed potato to taste the meat

I am sorry but the only good thing I can say is the food were affordable at P150-P200. Soup was less than P100.

Disappointing dinner  :-(

I just took some pictures to compensate for my dinner. 
Squash soup

Adobo flakes (sorry didnt bother to taste this)

Baked potato soup (which was 'normal')

Shepherd's pie (lovely to look at)

Kinda looks delicious

Dining area