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Going crazy with Krazy Garlik

Krazy Garlik is located at the second floor of Greenbelt 5 (just above Mango). Concept – wise, I think the restaurant is a bit confused. Aside from the name and mentioning that their food usually has lots of garlic, their menu and ambiance does not really tie together. I am not saying it is not nice though. Menu design is nice but a little girly. Place is clean with nice comfy chairs. They have comfortable sofas in their al fresco area…I like their glasses and plates (yes, as in glasses and plates. Unfortunately I don’t have pictures).

Their menu offers Filipino food, to pizza, to salads, to pasta, to alcoholic drinks (See! Confused right?). Most of the food has garlic bulbs. I don’t know what they do with the cloves tho because it has the flavor minus the pungent smell / taste.

Price is not low, about Php 500+ and up but when you consider that the quantity is actually for sharing, and the food is worth it, with the smiling and fast waitresses then it is not really expensive at all. Plus, well, it is in Greenbelt 5. That alone gives it the right to increase their prices a bit.

During this visit, we ordered the crispy pata (crunchy pork knuckles), pork adobo, seafood curry, fried milkfish (which is actually daing na bangus) and spring rolls. Their steamed rice is supposedly good for 1 to 2 persons and we ordered 7. (There are 7 of us). We originally planned to share but as we enjoy our feast, we realized that rice is a vital part of the meal :P

The result? Happy tummy!!!!

Price? P2600 for 7 of us.  You judge if it is expensive or not. Actually pwede na :) considering we were so full and we had a doggie bag after. 
Spring rolls

Crispy pork knuckles with garlic bulb

Seafood curry

Pork adobo

Fried milkfish

Steamed rice