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Food heaven - Yakimix

I am not a fan of buffets and eat-all-you-can. I don't really believe in stuffing yourself out. Plus I feel like I am always lugi. My stomach was not built to store all that food. So I seldom go to buffets, unless you tell me it's free :)

If there is buffet that I will allow myself to indulge in, then it is Japanese food. Sushis and sashimis are my favorites! But the good ones are normally more expensive than the normal meal, considering that they are just appetizers.

One stormy Saturday, indulge we did, unmindful of the rain outside. I was in Japaness food heaven!
I have been hearing of Yakimix in Greenbelt 3 for several weeks now. They said it was good and relatively cheap for a buffet. However it was always full so you have to go very early. When we went there, there were only 2 groups waiting. Probably because of the storm, and that it is 1:00 pm already. Still, I was hesitant. So we asked the receptionist if we could first look at the buffet table. I want to make sure I am getting my money's worth. Seeing the buffet made the decision for me.

The waitress told us that last refill is at 2:15 pm. Plenty enough time for us.

View from the waiting area. 
We started with the appetizer table. When we got there it was due for a refill thus the picture below. But believe me, there were a lot of maki and sashimi variants, some unknown to me. We sampled a few and I already felt I had my money's worth just with the salmon sashimis! I missed the tuna sashimi though. I am not sure if the plate was not refilled in time or if they were not serving it.
Appetizer table (Sushi, maki and sashimi galore!)

There was a salad bar. Despite loving salads, I did not sample this one as I do not intend to get full early :) But below was a sample creation by Junjie.

Salad Bar
Our own salad creation
Now, this is the fun part - grilling time!
I do not know where to start with the selection offered! What I tried was not even a third of what was offered. Everything was great except for the kebab-looking one (see below). They were also offering fresh prawns, salmon and a variety of thinly sliced beef. A must try is the bacon-wrapped asparagus! You can try the different sauces offered. I tried only the satay and the the "special sauce". Satay was oily while "special sauce" was so-so. I ended up using the soy and wasabi from my maki.

There was also a table offering cooked dishes, about 3 kinds of soup and kimchi. I decided to try their baked mussels and  tempura.
Of course - dessert! Make sure you leave some space in your stomach as they offer a lot! Nothing superb from the dessert table tho from those I got. But I did not try their ice cream. It was probably the best as people were lining up for it. Tried their Selecta popsicles and it was a nice ending to a sumptuous lunch!  

Definitely, expect me to visit again :) 
Ice cream sprinkles
Did I mention that you can opt to avail of the drink-all-you-can? We had the red ice tea. 

Mango juice, sodas, blue stuff... oh there's red ice tea too!

Yakimix is located at the third floor of Greenbelt 3. They also have branches in SM Mall of Asia, Hobbes of Asia and Tomas Morato. They also have a Facebook account.