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Note to self #1

I have been disorganized in my (digital) life. For those who have seen my previous entries, this blog has evolved from a journal, to a food blog, to whatever. I guess it depended on my mood. I write whenever and whatever I want to, whether it is food, or an experience, or something I have seen.

I tried to temper that by concentrating on one topic, but I realized it was not me. It is like asking me to stop talking, or giving up Apple or giving up my love of gadgets. It will never happen.

So I went back to my objective. In the ad agency world, a CD friend was always insistent in his question “So, what’s the objective” whenever we do something. So I tried answering that. Why am I blogging?

First -  I love to write. I am not an expert. I commit grammatical errors here and there… but that doesn’t stop me from writing. Whether it is English or Tagalog, I write. That is like asking me to stop breathing.

Second – I want to share. And this is a hard thing to admit. I have always loved to be anonymous. I have always branded myself to be an enigma, because I want to keep things about me a mystery. But then, I realized that the blog doesn’t always have to be about me ME, but about things I see and experience. About anything happening around me. Now, if people see a glimpse of me in my articles, then it is inevitable.

Which brings me back to what I need to do… Organize. Little by little I will try do that. Focus.

Focus on building this blog I guess. Focus on my experience, how I live, consume life.

Share whatever I can. Stop hiding.