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Cafe Via Mare

I don't know know why I have never written anything about Cafe Via Mare when I always frequent the place. Most often times it has become a default place for me just like the other fastfood places I go to when I do not want to think or walk far to eat.

Last weekend was one of those nights. We were too tired to walk far. The other nearby places seemed a little unappetizing. So the default place: Cafe Via Mare.

Default does not mean we are  just settling for it. It simply means it is a "safe" choice, when we do not want to be adventurous. It means guaranteed happy tummy without the unreasonable prices.

One of my favorites there is  Laswa, a vegetable dish with soup. This is the only I place I know which serves this dish. Cafe Via Mare is where I actually discovered it. The soup has a clean taste, as if you can smell the nearby ocean while you eat it. It has half cooked squash, shrimp, shells and crunchy vegetables! Yum.
Laswa, a bowl for P190.00

We also ordered Tortang Alimasag which was, for me, tastes like any other omelette. It comes with rice and 2 pieces of  vegetable spring rolls for only P185.00

One other thing  I like at Cafe Via Mare is their selection of Filipino desserts. Their bibingkas (rice cakes) are the best! The suman and puto bumbong are also worth ordering.

This time though was Palitaw day. At only P45, you will get 3 pieces of Palitaw. 

Cafe Via Mare is located at Greenbelt 1. They have another branch at Greenbelt 3 called Via Mare Oyster Bar. There are a lot of Via Mare branches throughout the metro. Check it out at



  1. aside from their palitaw, i love the luglog, puto bumbong and they have the best guinataang halo halo!

  2. Yup! Have not tried their guinataang halo-halo tho. :)


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