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Japanese ice cream (Yamazaki)

I have written about Yamazaki before. Its a restaurant with adjoining Japanese grocery. This time tho, i tried checking their stock after dinner. We indulged ourselves with their different ice creams. We cheched their best sellers and what a joy we found!

Vanilla ice cream on cup
Green tea

My favorite! It has red mongo cream insidre. It's like eating the red mongo in halo-halo with ice cream on top of a belgian waffle! Yum!

Cup costs Php91 while the sandwich costs Php 95. 


  1. That looks like pretty cool ice cream! Definitely something I would love to taste one day. I wonder if I can find them anywhere here in Sweden though? Hm?

    Thank you for sharing! :-)

  2. Hi ropcorn! Havent been to my blog lately thus the late comment. Was busy at work :( Anyway, I don' know what is in Sweden but check the ice cream in Japanese groceries. The one I tasted sure was interesting! Korean ice creams were also great! (at least the one I got to try). Also posted it here.

    Also followed your blog! Inspired me to also write about my puppies :) Thanks!


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