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Another of those days when we decided to pass by BF Homes in Paranaque to have dinner. We initially had Sen Lek in mind, but when we saw all the cars parked and the full restaurant, we turned around and tried the new place we just passed by.
Its neon sign alternates between Karinderya Club and K Club

Karinderya Club seemed interesting enough. It looked newly opened as it still has their opening day promo advertised. There were also already quite a number of diners.

Karinderya Club offers carinderia food - Filipino food found in most carinderias out there. They had the usual Filipino fare like sinigang, kaldereta, adobo, barbecue and prito.

We were not that hungry so we opted for ensaladang ampalaya (bitter gourd salad) and kinilaw na kambing (goat marinated in vinegar). Both were very good that we did not realize that we both finished the rice we ordered.

Kilawing Kambing P120

Menu on the wall

Drinks offered were from the bottle

They also have a few desserts, some of which includes Turones (P75), Mais con yelo, leche flan and saging con yelo. Since their turones was not available, we opted for leche flan and saging con yelo (banana on ice). 

The latter was quite normal  but the leche flan was quite unexpected. From the small packaging, I was prepared to be disappointed but the taste was perfect - obviously from pure egg yolks! Sweetness was just right.  This is unlike the other commercially prepared flans out there. 

Leche flan P35

Saging con yelo

Our whole meal, including drinks, costed us just P273!

There were other interesting stuff on their menu like menudo sandwich, laing-getti (laing on spaghetti, I think) and their mixture of drinks like Kuratong Baleleng (6 shots of different flavors/mixed drinks). They even have a Janjalani cocktail and of course, the usual SMB :)

K Club was a satisfying discovery. I would not be surprised if I find myself within its walls once again. :)


  1. Leche flan is traditionally made using a llanera, an oval tin pan that is filled with a mixture of eggs and milk and steamed. Over the past weekend, I was in a frantic hunt for llaneras in the city.

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