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Weekend of Flight - Hot Air Balloon Festival (Clark Pampanga)

Early morning of February 11 found us cruising along North Luzon Expressway, trying to beat the sunrise. We were on our way to the Hot air balloon festival in Clark Field. It was my first time to see the festival so I was definitely excited. 
However, the traffic going to the venue itself was so heavy that it took us longer
going from Clark entrance to the field than the whole trip from Edsa to Clark. We ended up watching the balloons from the distance, but there was so much more to see in the festival.

For a certain fee, you can have your pictures taken with this enormous kite
Others seemed to have spent the night in the field

There was a showcase of military arms, tanks and planes. You can actually have your pictures taken inside the aircraft.

There were kites everywhere!

Kites all around

Oh yes, Nemo can fly =)

People were lining up to buy their own kites

Kites sell at P150 and up depending on design
And of course, we tried to remember our childhood by trying our kite-flying skills =)
Yup. That's our kite up there

Even this kid wants to fly her own kite

The stalls were selling all kinds of balloon lamps, souvenir shirts, bags. 

Scenes from the festival


The night almost witnessed the Night Glow. This was supposed to be the time the balloons take flight as it glow in the night. But the wind would not cooperate. It was stronger than what was required and kept deflating the balloons.

Amidst the crowd's sad and disappointed "oh", we had to settle ourselves with watching Pampanga's giant lantern light show. Good thing I was able to catch a few shots of what-would-have-been.

Definitely a festival I want to visit again. I believe it will be a yearly tradition from now on =)