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Paradise called Camiguin - Day 2 (Part 2)

The rest of the day passed by quickly as we hurried through the other tourist spots in Camiguin.

A short distance away from the Old Volcano is the Sunken Cemtery. You can hire a boat for P100 to bring you to the site where you can
gaze upon the old cemetery that sunk when the Old Volcano erupted. However, we did not fancy going all the way to the middle just to look at that.

The sunken cemetery
Stalls near the Sunken Cemetery
Catarman Church Ruins
Next stop was the Old Church Ruins, remnants of the church destroyed in the big eruption in 1871. Called, Guiob church, only some of the walls remain in the ruins.

There was a donation box in the area, however, there seemed to be no caretaker for the historical site. One wall was even filled with graffiti =(

At the entrance

Sto. Nino Cold Springs
Next stop was the Sto. Nino Cold Springs. There was minimal entrance fee of P40.
Here visitors can swim in the waters.

According to silent , there are small fishes in the water which can eat off your dead skin cells. After a few minutes in the water, your skin would feel clean and smooth. Personally, I felt it was eewww! =P

Anyway, we did not bother to swim here. A cold spring did not sound enticing =)

View from the small bridge near the entrance
View from the small bridge near the entrance

Ardent Hot Springs
Last but not the least in our itinerary was Ardent Hot Springs.

Entrance fee was P30. Inside, you can take your pick from any of the pools There were also cottages and restaurants. You can rent a table / shed  for P100.

The hottest spring was in one of the small pools at the bottom. Temperature was 39 degrees.

Camiguin - Home of Pastel

Before the day is over, we dropped by Vjandep Bakeshoppe, the makers of pastel -  delicious buns with yummy custard inside.

It looks like an ordinary neighborhood bakery except that they sell pastel by the piece. They also sell cakes and other goodies like the baked siopao.

After that, off we want to enjoy the rest of the day.