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Morning to Midnight (M2M Cafe) New World

Last April 27 we decided to reward ourselves after a failed attempt to get into a 3D screening of Avengers. Not catching the movie was alright but it just mean that we were undecided on where to dine, amidst all the offerings of Greenbelt, Makati. On a luxurious whim, we decided to try New World's dinner buffet. 
M2M Cafe offers dinner buffet for P1600++. There were Filipino, Japanese, Mediterranean dishes to choose from. We originally thought the buffet is until midnight but they give out the last call for buffet at 10-1030pm. You can still stay and order ala carte until midnight tho. 

I am not an expert on hotel buffets as I feel like I eat less than what I pay for (yeah right!). I do acknowledge that quality is more important than quantity. M2M is not one of those buffets which I think is extraordinary but highlight for me was the roast beef and the oysters, of both I ate large portions (and finished it too!)

There were also steamed prawns which I did not sample simply because I am not fond of eating shrimps in public places. (Read: laziness to peel). 
Another good thing is the succulent and very fresh salmon sashimi which the chef would slice for you. For this reason I did not come back for more. I don't want them to think I can actually finish one big fillet haha!

Sashimi and potato salad!

Free pita bread as soon as you sit down.

Oh yes! I finished this :)

Happily full :)

Oyster! My favorite :) Definitely a thumbs up!
Dessert was so-so. Typical hotel dessert I think. They can also cook crepe for you but at that time they were offering only banana and pineapple and I was not fond of both. 

I liked though the kani salad and the potato salads. For both I came back for seconds. There were other salads like mixed greens and beet. This I sampled only.

My perfect ending was the combination of cheese, walnuts and grapes. The only thing lacking is red wine. By this time though I was already so full I dont even have room for coffee.

Typical hotel dessert
Taking a slice of cheese, and oh, that was actually for me :)
Cheese, grapes and walnuts! A perfect ending!