Sunday, May 20, 2012

Hoka Ben (BF Paranaque)

8:53:00 AM
We were on our way to Sen Lek when we passed by this place. So we decided to check it out. There were only 2 tables filled when we went there. 

The place was affordable. Much like Yamazaki. They were also offering almost the same food. The difference is in the ambience. The place was dimly lit, spacious actually with dolls adorning the wall. There were partitions and I guess the people can have their own private party in the area.

A place to visit when we feel like going Japanese, which is often :)

A peek at the partition

Yasai itame

Beef teriyaki

Pork with ginger I think

A set meal

Friday, May 18, 2012

Back to Basix (Dusit Hotel)

9:50:00 PM
It is called Basix but the buffet was not at all basic. You can choose from the usual Japanese food, roast offerings and Chinese food. From there, you can have them cook your pasta, offer you dumplings, grill your seafood, go Indian and of course, you can finish everything off with a wide selection of desserts; from the chocolate fondue to the ice cream, crepe to fresh fruits. 

In addition to the food, you can get your unlimited Lite and Pale beer  plus unlimited ice tea and juice. They used to serve wine but they already removed it from the list. 

Price was P1600++ per person. It used to be P1200 about a year or so ago. But it was so much worth it. Better than dinner at M2M. (Though M2M is actually great for breakfast. Believe me!) The place was actually full when we went there.

The place closes at 10pm so be there early!

Salmon and maki heaven. Tuna and tanigue sashimi also available
Yep, always the starter

Tried only the roast duck... because there's so much more to taste!

They will grill these for you
Heavenly roast pork + oysters
Going Indian.

At work for your noodles
typical hotel desserts

Unexpected birthday song from the staff of Basix
The birthday boy

La Piadina

3:40:00 AM

Tried La Piadina at Solaris Bldg, Dela Rosa St recently. Fortunately when we went there, food was at 20% off  though it was early still. According to La Piadina it is a promo that they've tried and will end May 18.

I got excited with their Calzone. A big pizza dough stuffed then folded. We chose vegetable and stuffing was semi-sweet. I liked it. For P260 the flavor (and the size) was well worth it :)

Their pasta Italspagna was also good. It had lots of sausages although you kind of expect it. 

Happy and filled tummy :)
Pasta Italspagna at P280
Calzone Verdure

Chili oil. Best on Calzone!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Cafe Astoria

9:48:00 AM
Buffet area
Got recently invited to a buffet dinner at Astoria Hotel in Ortigas. What can I say? Free food so off we went, beating the Friday traffic.

The dining area was small, more like a function room. The food itself was not spectacular. The selection was few. Among those that was offered, I only liked the vermicelli salad. The others were ordinary I guess.

When we went there, a band was also playing which made the less-than-perfect meal enjoyable.

All in all, I cannot say much except that it was free... So I should bring the expectation down :P

Oh, by the way, they are not in any way affiliated with Waldorf Astoria. That explains it I guess hehe

(L-R) Cold cuts, vermicelli salad, marinated chicken
Seafood linguine
I dont really know what this is :P

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hongkong Roast Food Express

8:15:00 AM

About 2 weekends ago, we went out of our way to Bagtikan St in Makati to try out Hongkong Roast Chicken. I actually have tried it before when we ordered take out for our office lunch. This time though, we  were craving for something Asian and this place came to mind.

Hongkong Roast Chicken was a canteen-type place. My expectations were not that high but I didn't expect to be that sorely disappointed.

Food was not that spectacular even though we ordered what the waitress recommended (cold cuts and yang chow fried rice). I also think it was a little overpriced given the taste and the serving.

'Nuff said.  Sorry.

Total dining cost : P800++

Monday, May 7, 2012

Hap Chan

12:28:00 AM
Our family had a simple celebration for my Mom's birthday last May 6. It was also the post celebration for my Dad, whose birthday was last April 13.

My Dad doesn't really like going out, so we did not go out during his birthday. So when May 6 arrived, I invited them to indulge me and celebrate both his and my Mom's birthday outside. (My Mom's birthday was actually May 7. )

We thought of something near so off we went to Waltermart Mall in Sucat. Since both were not really that adventurous when it comes to food, we went for the usual Chinese Food of Hap Chan. 

Sharing below some scenes of our celebration :)

Birthday noodles :)

The celebrants and their "handa"

Cold cuts




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