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Another Hiyasichuka (Nihonbashitei style)

I’ve said it again and again. Ever since I discovered Yamazaki's Hiyasichuka or cold noodles, I couldn’t help but check if the other Japanese restaurant were also offering the same.

I tried the one in Shinjuku ren but it was not up to par. (Sorry Yamazaki’s has become my benchmark). This time, it's time to try out Nihonbashitei’s version.

And I was not disappointed. In fact far from it. Their Hiyasichuka was as delicious as I remember it plus it has additional toppings!

Since we went there at lunch, Nihonbashitei offers lunch menu. That means my cold noodles came with onigiri, and choice of nata de coco or coffee for dessert. Yum!
Photo 9-13-12 12 37 37 PMPhoto 9-13-12 12 37 44 PM
Also ordered their grilled salmon

Map picture
Nihonbashitei is at the corner of Arnaiz Ave., Pasay Road and Amorsolo Sts, Makati City