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Meeting Mom and Tina’s

One stressful day at the office (which was almost everyday!), we decided to reward ourselves with some home cooked goodness. Since I haven’t been there despite hearing it for such a long time (don’t ask my why I have never visited the place), we decided to go to Mom and Tina’s.

Located at Perea cor dela Rosa Sts. in Makati, Mom and Tina’s was fairly full despite that rainy night. Since I had an early dinner, we decided on baked snacks and coffee.

Photo 9-11-12 8 37 10 PM
A counter full of baked goodies
                  Photo 9-11-12 8 32 01 PM Photo 9-11-12 9 12 48 PM
Photo 9-11-12 8 34 23 PM
Assorted rolls
Photo 9-11-12 8 36 18 PM
Yummy empanada


Bacon roll
Despite the numerous rolls (and full stomach :P), the cake stand beckoned to us and we decided to end the night with a slice. Did not regret that additional calories. Haha!

Photo 9-11-12 8 47 49 PM
Peanut butter fudge cake