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Fambond #5 - XOI Vietnamese Kitchen

Happened to pass by this place along BF Paranaque one Sunday lunch after church. Since I was bent on making traditions with our Sunday lunches as fambond time, and because I was running out of ideas on where to eat, we decided to check the place out.
I think it was still their soft opening when we went there. Anyway, we were the only customers when we went there that lunch time so I basically had time to take snapshots of the place.
It was also hard to choose which food to order as they had much to offer.
Vietnamese kitchen005copy
They gave us free crackers while we debate among ourselves. I think we had 2 servings of this. Nyah-Nyah
We started our meal with one of their appetizers - crispy rolls for P150. I think it is just the usual lumpia for me011copy
The Chicken lollipop was okay. It was a little dry tho. I think it costs less than P200 too012copy
Curry Chicken for P295. Sorry but I ‘ve always love curry so no major complaints here. 013copy
Beef Stew for P320. We chose it to be medium spicy because  my mom is not fond of spicy food. It would be interesting to try it a little spicier. I almost could not detect the “spice” with that one tho. 010copy
For  the meals, they add 10% Service charge.
Might go back here as there are a lot more things to explore. Though with what with we have tasted so far, it was not as excellent as I would have imagined. Interesting tho to try the bestsellers (the waiter was insisting on the crab) plus I would want to check out their pho as it seemed to be the signature dish of most Vietnamese place I’ve tried.