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Showing posts from February, 2013

Japanese Valentine x 2 (Hoka Ben and Ukkokei)

Hoka Ben We were not really the types to plan for Valentines Day. Perhaps its practicality or a realization that opportunistic capitalists are out to get our money! Plan or not though, we still make it a point to celebrate the day of Hearts. After a long day of meetings and traffic…


Tried this one after a meeting. Similar to Bon Chon but Clucky's a little cheaper. 3 pieces of chicken tenders for only P149. It comes with a soda or iced tea. You also get to choose spicy or soy chicken or mixed. They also have drumsticks or wings. Plus salads. I must try them ne…

Meeting at UCC Coffee Westgate

Feb 2, 2013 – My older brother arrived from Singapore to attend to some business. I also had to arrange his  meeting with my lawyer friend Laarni. The meeting was decided at UCC in Westgate Alabang and me and my mother decided to tag along. While my brother and my friend was conducting t…