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Showing posts from March, 2013

Going Indian at Swagat Indian Cuisine

I have eaten here a few times but never wrote about it. I have actually been passing by the place ever since I can remember. I guess it was because it was so near our office that I take the place for granted? Aside from the fact that those times that I ate here were actually so far in bet…

View from the Sun

Looking down.  The tall and short of it.

Death by chocolate?

I dont know what it is called. Just a gift to my friend Krix and shared to us. I love the molten chocolate in each slice 😍 oh yes. Pure heavenly chocolate cake inside

Look down...

... And see how small we are Insignificance.

Look up!

... and see my intricacies

Trees and the Morning Moon

Spotted along the track.  Unknown tree with flowers abloom. The sun is up And so is the moon   -- elle -- All text and photos by Elle A. Esteban Twitter: @theelleswhere  Instagram: @theelleswhere  Email: