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Big Better Burgers

2013-04-29 20.16.10I have been seeing this place in Waltermart Sucat but have not had time to try it. Perhaps because we were always looking for “real food” whenever we pass by the area. Anyway, last night, try it we did.

I can’t say that I am really fond of burgers. Once in a while, I would have a craving but I am not really a “burger” person. So here goes sharing what I can when we tried the place. LOL!

Embarrassed smile 

Firstly, BBB is more than just burgers. They also offer rice plates and pasta dishes. Price, I think, was fairly reasonable as I only saw one item which passed the Php200 mark. I think it was reasonable because they were offering 1/3 and quarter pound of beef in their burgers.

For our first time, we tried their BBB Value meal, which was actually a quarter pounder, fries on the side plus iced tea. This one we got for Php 140 (Php 90 for ala carte). Meatballs on pesto pasta was next on our order list (Php118 if I remember correctly). Looking at their side orders, their potato wedges appealed to me (Php65). They also have ice cream but I controlled this craving Nyah-Nyah

2013-04-29 20.21.24

I liked that their fries and potato wedges came from real potato. Unlike the other fastfood chains where you are not really sure on the content of their fries. Hehe

I liked their potato wedges! Makes you want to munch and munch and munch. Come to think of it, it is similar to KFC’s french fries.

2013-04-29 20.20.30

Their burger patty tastes like real beef. It also lettuce and tomato. Though the Quarter pound was actually smaller than the Quarter Pounder of McDonald’s that we are more familiar with.  2013-04-29 20.23.02

Pesto was so-so. And the meatballs does not really fit a pesto pasta. I guess the tomato based pasta would go better with the meatballs.

2013-04-29 20.22.01

Over all, I would go back to the place. They have other interesting burgers which I would want to try again. The Hahalajeno burger and the 3 cheese burger especially struck me as interesting tries in the future. And they even have a promo now for free fries for every order of select burgers.

I guess BBB is a refreshing alternative to the big fastfood chains. Open-mouthed smile

-- elle --

All text and photos by Elle A. Esteban

Twitter: @theelleswhere

Instagram: @theelleswhere

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