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Seafood Island Grill

My brother recently went home to do some business over the weekend. Since he missed Filipino food, we went out in search of some.
We seldom go to SM Southmall though it was near our place. But I just don’t the traffic that I associate with the place. This time, we were there early (Oh yes! Were we early! Not even 11am!)
After roaming for a while, Junjie chose Seafood Island Northshore Grill in Southmall’s Food Street. Aside from him, it was all our first time there. First time too to try it boodle-style.
Kuya Eric opted to order some Rockefeller Oysters ala carte and left choosing the main dish up to us.  Thinking smile
It was really hard to choose which ones to eat! They have the usual ala carte but also have the boodle feast which was categorized depending on a province’s specialty. So we found ourselves choosing from the best of Vigan, Bicol, Palawan, etc. We opted for the Boracay which was really bagoong rice, grilled tilapia, liempo, some veggies, adobo sa gata and clams.
When it arrived, we were pleasantly surprised on how big it was! Surprised smile
You’re supposed to eat on the leaves using your hands. But we opted to request for spoon and fork. You may even request for a plate but the problem with this is you will not have room on the tale for both the boodle feast and the plate.
I liked the adobo sa gata the best as the sauce in itself was so creamy, it will entice you to eat lots of rice with just a spoonful of the sauce. The others were the usual grill fare. Since I am not fond too of clams, I don’t really want to comment on that.
I also liked the oysters though it was not as big as those that I have tried. Let’s just say it meets expectation. Smile
With each boodle feast, guests have the option to choose servings good for 3 to 4 persons or for 5 to 7 persons. Each boodle feast ranges from Php 900 to P1,600 per feast.
What a feast indeed!
And no, we did not finish the rice. Winking smile

-- elle --
All text and photos by Elle A. Esteban
Twitter: @theelleswhere
Instagram: @theelleswhere