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Kenny’s Bacon-wrapped chicken Christmas Feast

Edwin's 2013 039 - Copy
From Tagaytay, we passed by at Paseo de Sta. Rosa for the continuation of my brother’s impromptu birthday celebration.

Most of the stores were still closed when we arrived. Since we don’t want to delay our travel back to Manila, we chose among the few open stores at the time, which included Kenny’s.

Our server offered us the new bacon-wrapped chicken Christmas feast. It is actually good for 4 and costs P820. It comes with a whole bacon-wrapped roasted chicken, 4 sidings of your choice, 4 pieces of Christmas muffins, rice and a pitcher of your choice of drink.

I guess everyone already knows about the sidings of Kenny’s. I mean, who haven’t tried. Right? So I will rave about the bacon-wrapped chicken.
Yes, RAVE as in totally like! Open-mouthed smile
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It was definitely wrapped with very thin slices of bacon. You may not notice it because it looked like the skin itself. The bacon gave the right kind of saltiness to the chicken. Of course, the chicken was still as tender as Kenny’s does it. We liked it so much that we finished the whole chicken in that sitting Open-mouthed smile
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We have mixed reviews on their Christmas muffins though. There were 4 flavors that came with the meal: the traditional corn muffin, mint chocolate chip, choco peanut butter and strawberry chocolate chip. We made sure that each one get a taste of all the flavors. Smile

Mint tasted like, well mint. As if you are brushing your teeth while eating hehe! I love mint but I’m beginning to think that I like it only on coffee and chocolates.

The strawberry tasted like it still needed more strawberries. it was good but I would want to see strawberry bits there rather than chocolate chips.

The choco peanut butter was nice. Well, it tasted like a chocolate muffin Winking smile

According to their Facebook page, you can order boxes of 6 of these muffins for just Php85. Just in case you want to try, you can check it out here

I would suggest you head out to Kenny’s and try this meal. Just for the chicken alone, it is worth to try. Bring the family as it was good for four. We were five when we ordered it but we all went out filling so full. Thumbs up
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