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Warung Indo

I’ve heard about this Indonesian restaurant from a colleague. Last Friday night was the only time we were able to check it out.

The place is located at San Agustin St, at the back of LPL Tower, in Salcedo Village. When we went there, there were a lot of muslims dining that time, a sign (for me) that the place is authentic. Junjie was actually fascinated with all the Indonesian he was hearing. The waitress who served us tho was Filipino.
2014-02-21 21.25.12-1
The place offers Indonesian-Chinese cuisine, and since Junjie is always on a quest for the best kway-teow, there was not much thinking when he glanced at the menu. In fact, he did not even bother to check the menu. He just called the waitress and ordered the dish.

It took me a longer time to choose tho as they offer a lot. I was torn between the Beef Rendang, their curry, roti and the Indonesia Laksa. The waitress told us that their specialty was the beef rendang but I decided on the Indonesia Laksa which was vermicelli noodles in coconut cream.
2014-02-21 21.26.03
Junjie was very excited waiting for his kway teow. After all, he orders the same dish in all Asian restaurants we go to. When it arrived, he cant wait to taste it. The taste was okay for me but according to Junjie, it was not that exceptional, at least not the way he remembered it when he stayed in Indonesia.

2014-02-21 21.34.40
2014-02-21 21.34.572014-02-21 21.35.33
We also shared the Indonesia Laksa. The coconut cream was very evident in the soup. Though I was hoping that it would be more spicy like the Singaporean Laksa I tasted in other places. In fact, it is not spicy at all, which was a disappointment for me.
2014-02-21 21.40.42

Warung Indo is open 24 hours a day and we will definitely be back as we only tried two of their dishes. Junjie initially thought I also ordered the rendang and he was waiting for it. Good thing I did not as the servings were big. Next time, I will definitely try the rendang, their roti and the lists from their extensive menu.
Smile Smile Smile

We visited the place again and this time we tried one of their best sellers: their beef rendang. Their version costs Php400 so we had high expectations! Hehehe

It was quite good! Sauce pa lang ulam na 

We also tried their fish curry. I was expecting that the sauce would be thicker though. 
I guess we would come back again and again at Warung Indo whenever we are craving for Indonesian.