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Sultan Mediterranean Grill

2014-03-07 Sultan 014
One Friday night, when we were in the mood for something new, we decided to try Sultan Mediterranean Grill since we have been seeing this place. After all, it is just near our office.

Upon seeing the menu, my first impression was it is similar to Behrouz. This time, we tried what we the other place was not offering.
2014-03-07 Sultan 010

We started with their Barley soup (Php 80 per cup). It was actually a bit slimy that we didn’t care much for it. The waitress though told us that it was their best sellers among the other soups. They also have milk soup and their soup of the day as choices.

2014-03-07 Sultan 0092014-03-07 Sultan 011
Next is their appetizers. They have the option to try 2 or 3 dip combination. Each dip costs about Php 100 to 110 but the combination costs more at Php150 (2 dips) and Php 180 (3 dips).

We decided on the combination of Tzaziki (cucumber dip) and Baba Ghanouj (eggplant caviar). It came served on top of 2 pieces of pita bread. You can buy extra pita for Php 20 a piece.

The Tzaziki was actually more like a cucumber salad. The Baba Ghanouj on the other hand did not taste like eggplant at all. But we liked it! I was actually wondering if they gave us hummus. Hehe

Last, we ordered their curry. One has the option to have chicken, beef or lamb. We tried their chicken. Their curry for me was so-so. Let us just say I have tasted better curry in other places. Theirs was not spicy and, considering that they are a Mediterranean place, I was expecting it to be more “authentic”. What we had tasted like what you will usually have at home.

2014-03-07 Sultan 0122014-03-07 Sultan 013
They also have kebabs, shawarma, lamb grills and a whole other more. I think we would go back here again to try their other Persian delights. 

UPDATE (March 16, 2014)!
I've actually visited Sultan a few more times since the first post. I guess I really followed when I said I would be back, or maybe this month was really Mediterranean / Persian month as I've visited 2 more other Mediterranean / Persian restaurants after Sultan.
Keema (Php 100.00)
 Keema is ground beef, with tomatoes, cucumber and onions. It was a good "dip" when partnered with pita bread.

Kebab Plate
I cannot recall much about their kebab. I guess because it was "normal"? Sorry :P

Beef Korma (Php 180.00)
Now, I like their Beef Korma! My colleague Felix actually raves about Mr. Kebab's version of this one.

It was actually my first time to taste this. And I find it great; great with pita bread and with rice. (Sauce pa lang ulam na!) Of course, this is from someone who loves thick curry sauces okay.

I also found out that it is good with the white garlic sauce that they have. I originally thought that the garlic sauce they have was only for shawarma :)

The serving was also generous, both for the rice and korma itself. I think it can feed two people.

Definitely will go back! Good thing the place is just near our office (Yey!)

Sultan Mediterranean Grill is located at UG9 Valero Plaza Condominium 124 San Augustin, Salcedo Village, Makati