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Ba Noi’s

I am not sure how long Ba Noi’s was in Makati. I have not noticed it before whenever we eat at Mom and Tina’s. But that afternoon, notice it we did. We were actually thinking of eating at Mom and Tina’s but decided to try Ba Noi’s instead.
2014-04-03 002
We started with the usual Vietnamese spring rolls. I cannot really say that I am an expert on spring rolls but theirs is very sticky it was actually hard to handle it with the chopsticks.
Theirs is also full of mostly vermicelli unlike the ones we have tried at Sen Lek. Of course I am not even sure if that is the way it is supposed to be. Hehe So pardon my ignorance if it is.

Junjie opted for their beef pho and he really dug into it when it arrived!

2014-04-03 Ba Noi's 0032014-04-03 Ba Noi's 002

In the meantime, I tried dried vermicelli noodles with grilled beef and fried spring rolls. I am not sure what it is called so pardon me. Hehe Anyway their menu has descriptions below the real name (that I cannot remember) so you can decide based on those when you do decide to try this place.

Mine has the sweet and sour sauce that you would pour on the noodles.

2014-04-03 Ba Noi's 001
Both the pho and my dried noodles were good and I have read reviews that Ba Noi’s was one of those authentic Vietnamese restaurants. So if I were you, you may want to give it a try.

I cannot remember the exact price of each dish but I know that each one is about more than Php200.   Open-mouthed smile

Ba Noi’s is located along Perea St, Legaspi Village Makati City.