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Trying Dusadee Thai

We were in the mood for trying out something different that time (as we always do). I actually saw this place before when we passed by the area so I suggested it. A quick google informed us that it is along Aguirre Ave., in BF Paranaque.

Dusadee Thai

Dusadee Thai is a fastfood place. The area is not air conditioned. When we went there, there were a few diners with a mix of some foreigners. Probably residents of the area.

Their menu is not extensive but I think it is sufficient if you are looking for some Thai.

Dusadee Thai

Aside from the menu, you can choose from the numerous posters inside the store. Surprisingly, you can order and pay from your table. I initially thought that you need to order and pay before sitting down. I guess its because the place was small and there is no space for a queue.

Dusadee Thai

They have the usual Bagoong Rice which they offer in pork, chicken and fish versions. Their best seller is the pork bagoong rice so we tried that one (Php 80 per order).

When it arrived, my first impression was the pork serving was small. But when mixed with the rice and the green mango, the dish itself was actually quite tasty. The whole dish was sweet, which was good for someone who likes sweet food like me Smile

Dusadee Thai
We also tried their Tom Yum noodle soup (Php 120). We actually started our meal with this one. They informed us that it was spicy but it actually tasted just right for me. It was not as spicy as I expected.
I liked this one because the hot and sour taste is just right, and because of the herbs, red chili and lemon grass. One serving is good for one but we decided to share this dish.
Dusadee Thai
Not surprisingly, Junjie also ordered Phad Thai noodles (Php 120). I think he is in a quest to taste the noodles in all the Asian places we visit Hehehe
As we were already full from the Tom Yum and the Bagoong Rice, we only managed to sample this one and eventually asked the server to wrap it for us. Their Phad thai was sweet and I was actually looking for more ground peanuts in the dish. But I only had one very small bite so…
Dusadee Thai
We finished off our dish with their version of the Thai Iced Tea (Php45). I think I can drink their version all day! Smile
Dusadee Thai
The reviews on the place say that their mango salad and mango sticky rice were also worth trying. Maybe next time as I feel that we would go back to this place again Open-mouthed smile
For a meal for two, Php 300 is enough for a meal in this place. Thumbs upWinking smile