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Gerbu’s Burger N’ Tacos

We have passed by this place numerous time. One night, when we passed by BF Aguirre and we saw that it was still open, we decided to try it out.


From their signage, they are offering burgers and tacos. Aside from this though, they also offer steaks and sizzlers. Here is sharing our dining experience at this place.

First off, while we are choosing from their menu, they immediately gave us drinking water and hand sanitizer.I may be naïve but this is the first time a dining place would give its patrons something like this. Well, it was the first time for us. It saves the trip of going to the restroom to wash our hands. IMG_2076

For our drinks, we opted to try their guava and cucumber lemonade. Between the two, we liked the guava lemonade better but I ended up having the cucumber lemonade which tasted like… cucumber. Well, it was refreshing.


For my meal, I chose their Osaka Burger. I am banking on the fact that they are describing their place as burgers and tacos. So that means this is one of their bestsellers. I was not disappointed.

When the burger arrived, it was big. I also liked that they provided me unlimited wasabi mayo so I was able to drizzle all I want. (It’s the greenish thingy beside the guava lemonade at the picture above Smile)


Junjie, on the other hand tried their Mongolian rice. He was sorely disappointed when it arrived though as it was just … rice. I tasted it and it was fine. But for someone who was hungry, that was not enough.


Thus, I convinced him to get another one, then we just ask them to wrap the rice. This time he ordered the porkchop. According to him, with how the sauce taste, he is looking forward to try the other steak and sizzlers offerings. For someone who loves steaks and hard to please when it comes to food, a compliment like this is unexpected. Well I trust him Smile 


Below is their menu to give you an idea on what else can be ordered here. You can also check out the prices. Not bad based on the porkchop and the Osaka burger.

Our verdict here? Even before we left the place, we already have plans to bring the whole family here. Winking smile


Gerbu’s is located at Aguirre Ave B.F. Homes, Parañaque.

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