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Restaurante Damaso, Greenbelt 5

Dinner last night was impromptu. We initially planned to go to the newly opened Starbucks Reserve at Rufino St., but ended up at Greenbelt 5 instead. After debating and checking where we felt like eating, we ended up at Damaso.

It was both our first time in the place. I don’t know why since we pass by the area so many times before. Anyway, so there we were.

I had a hard time deciding what to eat, simply because they seemed to have different twists in how they described their meals!  Their bihod (tuna egg) pasta for example sounded interesting. 

However, Jie and I decided to go for the traditional Spanish – the paella valenciana and their callos.

Their callos came with garlic rice. I think it was really meant for one person given the one rice but it can be shared by two people if they are not hungry Smile

Meat was tender and the sauce would make you want to eat an extra cup of rice. Winking smileHowever, I don’t think it would be enough if you are a meat person. There were only a few pieces of meat, and about 2 slices of chorizo. Chick peas was abundant though. Hehehe
Paella Valenciana
Okay. I am not an expert on paellas. For this one, the rice was tasty and I loved the chorizo that they included, (and this is big considering I never liked chorizo) There were a lot of meat (pork, fish, a shrimp, chorizo, a mussel or two…) but I felt like it was a little bit too oily for me.I guess it was due to the chunks of fat in the paella. 

For dessert, the waiter recommended the chocolate dementia. We decided to enjoy it with brewed coffees.
Brewed Coffee and orange cookieDamaso
Their coffee comes with an orange biscuit which I really liked. I also loved their coffee… I just committed the mistake of adding splenda considering we were already eating a sinfully sweet chocolate cake.
I cant say much about their Chocolate Dementia even though it was one of their best sellers. It was nothing spectacular for me. Though Junjie was able to finish about 2/3rds of the cake hehehe
I was not able to take note of the price per dish…. I remember that the coffee was Php 180 each while the paella was about Php 450… Anyway, total bill for the dinner was about Php 1200++.

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