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Okiniiri, BF Paranaque

We chanced upon this place when we were driving in the area. They have a banner that says eat-all-you-can for just Php 380. Food lovers that we are, we decided to try the place.

They have two areas: one near the buffet and another enclosed area which I think can be rented as a function room.

Okiniiri BF ParanaqueOkiniiri BF Paranaque


The buffet does not cover sashimi. You have to pay additional for this, or order it ala carte. I was initially disappointed but then they have maki so it was fine.

Okiniiri BF Paranaque

They also have kani salad and an assortment of pickled items…

 Okiniiri BF Paranaque

Okiniiri BF Paranaque

They serve the sukiyaki and the teppanyaki on your table. We were just not sure if this is also unlimited as we never bothered to ask. The sukiyaki though was so sweet that we did not finish it considering there were 4 of us.

Okiniiri BF ParanaqueOkiniiri BF ParanaqueOkiniiri BF Paranaque

For the buffet itself, there was nothing special. I would just let the pictures speak (as I also cannot remember if there was anything worth discussing here. Smile with tongue outSorry about that).

I guess if you would want an affordable Japanese fare, then you can try the place. For Php 380 per person, it was actually okay.

Okiniiri BF Paranaque

(L-R, Top to bottom) Potato balls, gyoza, yakisoba, a pork dish, a tofu dish and chahan

Okiniiri BF Paranaque

An assortment of tempura, karaage plus another unknown dish Winking smile

Okiniiri BF Paranaque

Dessert was a choice between green and red jello, coffee jelly, leche flan and a few fruits

Okiniiri BF ParanaqueOkiniiri BF Paranaque

What we started with SmileOkiniiri BF ParanaqueOkiniiri BF Paranaque

The weekend bunch enjoying a weekend lunch Open-mouthed smile

Okiniiri BF Paranaque

Okiniiri is located at Aguirre Ave., BF Homes Paranaque. There is also another branch located at Tropical Ave., BF International Las Pinas City.

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