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Sze Chuan House

IMG_4564After accompanying my grandmother to her doctor’s appointment, Jie treated us to a yummy lunch at Sze Chuan House located at Aloha Hotel, Roxas Blvd.  

Since we were not familiar with the menu, we decided to let Jie order. That also means I was not really able to list down the name of the dishes. (Sorry!)  Typical him, he just described what he wanted and the waiter immediately knew what he was referring to. 

To start everything off, Jie specifically requested for this bread  which was crispy on the outside but very soft and fluffy on the inside. It was served with condensed milk and one is supposed to dip the bread in the milk before eating. On its own, the bread was a delight. 

Next came the swahe which was “typical” and expected. Smile 

Then came the fish fillet which was really good but it was kinda bitin.  The serving was small and it has more garnishing than the fish fillet itself. I guess bitin because it was so tasty but the serving was not as big.

The same goes for the string beans below….

And what is Chinese food without yang chow? This a Thumbs up! My grandmother was actually content with this one. She kept saying that the meat and garnishings were enough and she doesn’t need to eat any of the other dishes ordered.

We also  sampled their soft tofu which my cousin really liked. I think he was able to finish quite a number of pieces all by himself! (Peace Michael Angelhehehe)

We ended our meal with a small bowl each of avocado sago. Yummy! I can imagined one avocado fruit per serving Smile

I guess what made our lunch exceptionally memorable was the fact that waiters assigned to our table were very attentive. They ensured our water glasses and tea cups were filled, and all our needs were met without even calling them. Kudos to waiter Ramil and his team! Apologies that I was not able to get all their names but I sure remember their faces. Thumbs upHigh five They even enthusiastically took our pictures. Open-mouthed smile

Sze Chuan House is located along Roxas Boulevard Corner Quirino Avenue, Malate, Manila.

The lobby of Aloha Hotel was interesting as well with all their Chinese statues and other items that are for sale. I took the opportunity below to take a picture of my cousin and grandmother Smile
IMG_4579 IMG_4585

Let me know what you think!  Comment and share! Winking smile
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