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Zark’s Burgers

Have you tried Zark's Burgers? My friends and I have frequented the one in Venice Piazza for the past months. (Ironic as I have not visited the one in BF Paranaque when I live near the place). I am not really a burger person so I cannot judge though Zark's has been featured as one of the best burger places in the metro.  
Below are just pics of the burgers me and my friends have tried over the past few months. Zark’s has either the minor league and major league type, which was really based on size. Whenever we go there, we normally just go for the minor league as I don’t think we can finish a major league. 

Each minor league burger sells for about Php 120 to Php 150. Plus Php30 if you want fries and iced tea with that. Since these were taken since the start of the year, I will just try to remember what they were called. Feel free to pipe in if I got it wrong.

 Burgers from Hell

Burgers from Hell. It was supposed to be so spicy with its chili oil and chili cheese sauce. What we did instead was request to have the chili on the side so we can control the amount we will put on our burgersSmile

(Top) The American All Star, which was classic cheeseburger with bacon.

(Top) I think this was the Shaq which was cheeseburger topped with bacon and caramelized onions

(Top) Black mamba which comes with barbecue sauce

(Top) The Ultimate Cheeseburger which they said was their bestseller. 

(Top) Nachos galore. Felix does not particularly like the mayo. I also think the mayo they were using was a bit sweet. 

(Top) Super Dawg. Hotdog on a bun with onions and mushroom

Hungry yet? Nyah-NyahMy friend Felix’ assessment is the bread does not do the pattie justice. Come to think of it, we usually remove the bread whenever we eat their burgers.
If you want to know more, check their Facebook page at Better yet, visit any of their stores. You won’t regret it Smile 

Let me know what you think!  Comment and share! Winking smile
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