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The Fever

Yup, the fever has hit me. I have been denying it for 2 weeks but it can’t be helped.

I now find myself checking twitter feeds most times of the day, as soon as I wake and before I sleep. I’ve followed numerous pages, youtube sites, always in the search for the latest information about this phenomenon.

Yup, I will accept it now -- the AlDub fever has attacked my system.
Renewed kilig not just because Alden signed this
but because Jie asked for his signature knowing
that I like the pair. Kahit na asarin pa daw siya :)

Now I am not a fan-type of person. I don’t have any favorite actor or actress. I don’t follow any celebrity gossips. I am not a movie-type or TV-type of person. I just watch what I want. And the celebrities? Being in advertising, I have encountered some. I just make sure that I have that token picture-with-the-celebrity photo just to record the moment. After that, it’s all kept away. I even find myself not uploading it on social media sites. I follow some celebrities just because. But since I am not active on twitter, the “news” just pass by. And I am okay with that.

But now I find myself giggling even when I am alone, listening to cheesy love songs and making conversations about this phenomenal love team. I have to be updated all the time. I need to know what is happening even off cam. And I wonder why.

I will not try to be pa-deep here. Nor will I try. Because I don’t have any marketing lessons that I can impart. Believe me, I tried to connect it with work and discussed with colleagues engagement lessons and social currency about the show but I stopped.

I just simply want to enjoy the giggles and all the kilig the pairing has given me. And it’s not just me. A lot of friends both males and females have accepted that they experience the same kilig, albeit a lot are denying that they follow the series.

I guess it’s because they remind me of younger years, the highschool crush, the letters and flowers received. The “analysis” of whether the tandem is real has become an addicting hobby, watching for facial expressions, smiles and hidden messages. Similar to when I was younger -- is this person true? What will be the kilig moment when I meet him? What will happen next?

Perhaps it is the same for a lot of people. They remember their own moments. Or perhaps it has renewed their kilig with their current special someone. Perhaps that is why my brother had downloaded all the episodes. Perhaps this is why my niece who grew up in Singapore is currently hooked. Whatever age we are, we remember or relive our own special moments when love struck us. All it needed to remind us was watch one episode and we’re hooked.

I guess that until there is the mystery, the magic of realness of the series, I would continue to be part of the millions of fans worldwide hungry for more information. Watching for hidden signs, waiting for the kilig and the unforgettable moments.

And as I watch, I will remember my own kilig moments with my own special someone. =)

And yes, I will be glued to the TV set when the magic of first date happens tomorrow.