Sunday, December 20, 2015

LuxBus America: Las Vegas to Anaheim

3:12:00 PM
From our stay in Las Vegas, we will go to Disney in Anaheim. We wanted something different so we decided we want to go there by land. 

After googling, i found Lux Bus America. We were leaving on a Saturday and it has one trip scheduled for that day, leaving at 3:00 pm and will arrive at Anaheim at around 8:00 pm. 

The fare was $60 one way per person. During booking, it gave me options on pick up point and drop off point. I chose the California hotel downtown and drop off nearest to our Anaheim hotel was at Howard Johnson, about 3 min walk to our hotel (according to Google maps).

After booking, the instructions on the e-ticket asked me to confirm 48 hours before the date of departure so I did. They gave me specific instructions on pick up point and the lady I talked to reminded me to bring the credit card I used and valid IDs on the day. She also told me not to worry about luggages. 

On the day of the trip, the bus was prompt. After getting on at California Hotel, it picked up some other tourists in another location, then off we go! 🚌

There were complimentary snacks and drinks offered on the bus. During our ride, they were offering colas and juices. There was also an option for pretzels or chips (Lay's or Cheetos or Snyder). Complimentary wifi and power outlets also available. (Thus, i was able to write this 😝). Wifi though was on and off, which they actually mentioned even before we left the pick up point.

Since the entire ride was 4.5 hours, the bus attendant informed us that there will be two  movies that will be shown. One can use their own headsets or buy from them at $5 each. 

And oh, there is also a restroom at the back. Overall, i think not bad for the price. Much, much better than the provincial buses at home! 

So here I am sitting back and relaxed, enjoying the view, while LuxBusAmerica brings us to Anaheim 😊
Passing by The Strip, viewed from the other side

At around 5:30 pm, there was a 20 minute stop over at Barstow California. Every one needed to go off the bus by this time. The station has a McDonald's, Dunkin Donuts, Panda Express and other chains. There were also some souvenir shops and of course, restrooms. 

No need to bring down stuff at the stopover. The attendant locked the bus while everyone was at the station. No need to also rush dinner as she advised us we can bring our food up at the bus.

At exactly 20 minutes (it was 6:05 pm by this time), we were again on our way to Anaheim. 

First stop was at Garden Walk Anaheim, then the bus had a few more stops before we were dropped in front of Howard Johnson, which was really about 3 minute walk to our hotel! (Yey! Google was accurate! 😊). Then the bus will continue on to LA

Overall the bus ride was smooth. I would definitely look them up again next time 👍😊

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

From a first timer: movie at Denver downtown

11:53:00 AM
It was the last day before we leave Denver for Vegas. While having breakfast, Terri messaged us and asked if we would like to watch Martian starting Matt Damon. She sent us the tickets thereafter.

From someone from a third world country, we dont have movie tickets like this 😬
Eticket - one just needs to show his mobile to get in

So after our breakfast, we walked to the block behind our hotel. The United Artists theater is at the Pavillions at Denver downtown. It was on the third floor. 

The movie house is generally the same as the director's cinema in SM. 

Jie posing in the empty cinema
We watched around 12 and we had the whole cinema all to ourselves on a weekday. Going to the cinema, it actually felt like ghost town as no one was around, even in the corridors or in the snack booth. Seriously.

And the movie? It was good. Jie liked it and enjoyed having the whole movie house to himself 😝👍




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