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From a first timer: movie at Denver downtown

It was the last day before we leave Denver for Vegas. While having breakfast, Terri messaged us and asked if we would like to watch Martian starting Matt Damon. She sent us the tickets thereafter.

From someone from a third world country, we dont have movie tickets like this 😬
Eticket - one just needs to show his mobile to get in

So after our breakfast, we walked to the block behind our hotel. The United Artists theater is at the Pavillions at Denver downtown. It was on the third floor. 

The movie house is generally the same as the director's cinema in SM. 

Jie posing in the empty cinema
We watched around 12 and we had the whole cinema all to ourselves on a weekday. Going to the cinema, it actually felt like ghost town as no one was around, even in the corridors or in the snack booth. Seriously.

And the movie? It was good. Jie liked it and enjoyed having the whole movie house to himself 😝👍