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Showing posts from March, 2016

B&P at Garnet road

First time here at B&P and I am loving the place. All-day-breakfast galore! Forgive me but I am not an Ortigas girl so I am seldom in the area. Th is might be an old place to you Ortigas fol ks. ✌️ I loved their spam rice. It was a bit heavy though. I especially liked the fried r…

One oxtail soup please

When we went to Las Vegas, our friend Mela and Gilbert made sure we try the highly acclaimed oxtail soup at the Market Street Cafe, Hotel California. The place is located at downtown Vegas. According to them, the place serves mostly Filipino and Hawaiian food, but we only went there for…

Balai Ilocos in BF Paranaque

We have passed by this place in BF Paranaque numerous time but we never tried it. That day, @jie_golo remembered that I like ilocos empanada so he decided to try this place. When we entered and checked, they don't have ilocos empanada, but the place did not disappoint us. Caveat: …