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B&P at Garnet road

First time here at B&P and I am loving the place. All-day-breakfast galore! Forgive me but I am not an Ortigas girl so I am seldom in the area. This might be an old place to you Ortigas folks. ✌️

I loved their spam rice. It was a bit heavy though. I especially liked the fried rice. (Okay yes, I admit. I finished the whole bowl 😁)

 I also liked their strong coffeejust the way I liked it. Of course, I made it a latte from the milk I requested. 😉☕️ 

I was here at 7:30 and it was already open. There were already some patrons eating. I actually chanced upon it because I have a meeting at the Galleria.  If, like me, you were waiting for the mall to open, then this place fits that "waiting area". You'll even have that nice leisurely breakfast. 😊

Cosy and private.