When we went to Las Vegas, our friend Mela and Gilbert made sure we try the highly acclaimed oxtail soup at the Market Street Cafe, Hotel California. The place is located at downtown Vegas.
According to them, the place serves mostly Filipino and Hawaiian food, but we only went there for this famous soup. It is served starting 11:00 pm though so we be prepared to have a late night. Hehe
We arrived before 11:00, but the line was already long. We had to wait awhile for a table to be available.
But the wait was well worth it.
Similar to our bulalo,  the famous oxtail has very tender cuts of beef that melts in the mouth. It is also served with rice.
Each individual order (which I think can serve 2 to 3) costs $10.00 each.
Really a must try when one is in Vegas SmileThumbs up