Thursday, June 9, 2016

Zensho - a different type of eat-all-you-can

7:00:00 AM
Jie introduced me to a different type of Japanese eat-all-you can this week. After my QC meeting, Jie surprised me by bringing me to Zensho. We waited a while as dinner is served starting at 6 pm. He said he’s been trying to bring me to this place but schedule does not always permit it.

Jie chose the seats in front of the grill, where he said a chef will cook whatever you ordered in front of you. We were given an order slip where we ticked off all that we want to eat.  Yes! Emoticon by Weapons-Expert-Cool

First, we were asked to choose from their drinks of iced tea, lemonade and pandan.

For appetizers, you can choose from sashimi, sushi, maki and kani. I am not sure if you can opt to have everything since we really just want the sashimi and kani salad.  Almost immediately, our table is set.
And then the fun started. Clapping Emoticon by Weapons-Expert-Cool

Aside from the waiters delivering our baked oysters, teriyaki chicken and tempura, the chef in front of us started cooking our US beef, yasai itame, fried rice, and teppanyaki.

Teppan oysters with yasai itame
US beef with mushrooms. Jie said that there is a wagyu option.
The chef kept piling it up and when he was done, he left us for awhile but asked us to just call him if we want more.

It was really a lot! Imagine if you're that hungry and  you can ask for second servings?!

We didn’t finish everything. You could say we were not prepared. Wink Emoticon II by Weapons-Expert-Cool Definitely, we hope to be back and check what else their chef can cook for us. 

Zensho is located at Tomas Morato cor Roces Ave, Quezon City.

Price for two : Php 1,730

Friday, June 3, 2016

Sights and Seafood at the Wharf

4:00:00 PM
The moment we touched down at San Francisco, Jie insisted that we go to Fisherman's Wharf. Good thing our hotel was just a Lombard St., which was walking distance away from Fisherman's Wharf. 
It was not Jie's first time to go there but it was for me. You could just Imagine my excitement. 

The walk to Fisherman's Wharf was hilly. We were at Lombard after all.  But no worries. It was our adventure. 

JIe's picture on HIS street hehe
San Francisco's famous cable car
Finally, we arrived. 
The smell of salt in the air.
Sound of seagulls cries. 
Deep breath and big smiles. Yep, that was how I felt. 

Finally, my very own picture on the famous sign
We haven't had breakfast so Jie dragged me to the first stall that sells seafood. Jie was actually recommending the chowder but both of us were called by the seafood cocktails.

Oh yum!Very Amused Emoticon II by Weapons-Expert-CoolSeafood cocktail on a bread. Different, but definitely wow! Judges Emoticon by Weapons-Expert-Cool

We stayed there until early afternoon, walking and burning that seafood cocktail. 
Again, come early afternoon, Jie insisted that we try the famous bakery of SFO - Boudin Bakery. According to wiki, it was actually established in 1849. 

There were so many choices! 
But need to choose one and that's the Chocolate Volcano Bread above.  

And what better way to enjoy it but with coffee . With a temperature in the 40s to 50s °F on a December, it was perfect. Yes! Emoticon by Weapons-Expert-Cool
In front of Boudin's flagship location
And yes, this was how happy I was. love-love-love by KitLightning
Thank you SFO!

Rib Shack

3:20:00 AM
There is a gem in Las Pinas which we have recently discovered. We have been trying to go there for lunch but we learned that it opens late at 4 pm.  Anyway, we decided to try it for dinner instead so off we went.

Of course, the bestseller is the ribs, which was named as follows:
- Single – for solo serving (Php 250)
- In a relationship – good for two (Php 475)
- Its complicated – good for three to four (Php 805)

I think it was witty

All the orders came with your choice of side dishes. Since there were about 6 of us, we got 2 orders of Its complicated.

We also tried their buffalo chicken wings but we were not able to give it its due attention because of the ribs hehe

The ribs was   

After that meal, we understood why we had to wait a long time to be seated. The wait was soooo worth it.

Hmmm, writing about this makes me want to go there tonight Hahaha

Hey, you can check out the menu from  Zomato here.

Rib Shack is located at Pilar Village, Almanza Las Pinas.

Tip: Don’t be deceived by the facade. There is plenty of parking at the back  and the place is big  

Wednesday, June 1, 2016




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