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Sights and Seafood at the Wharf

The moment we touched down at San Francisco, Jie insisted that we go to Fisherman's Wharf. Good thing our hotel was just a Lombard St., which was walking distance away from Fisherman's Wharf. 
It was not Jie's first time to go there but it was for me. You could just Imagine my excitement. 

The walk to Fisherman's Wharf was hilly. We were at Lombard after all.  But no worries. It was our adventure. 

JIe's picture on HIS street hehe
San Francisco's famous cable car
Finally, we arrived. 
The smell of salt in the air.
Sound of seagulls cries. 
Deep breath and big smiles. Yep, that was how I felt. 

Finally, my very own picture on the famous sign
We haven't had breakfast so Jie dragged me to the first stall that sells seafood. Jie was actually recommending the chowder but both of us were called by the seafood cocktails.

Oh yum!Very Amused Emoticon II by Weapons-Expert-CoolSeafood cocktail on a bread. Different, but definitely wow! Judges Emoticon by Weapons-Expert-Cool

We stayed there until early afternoon, walking and burning that seafood cocktail. 
Again, come early afternoon, Jie insisted that we try the famous bakery of SFO - Boudin Bakery. According to wiki, it was actually established in 1849. 

There were so many choices! 
But need to choose one and that's the Chocolate Volcano Bread above.  

And what better way to enjoy it but with coffee . With a temperature in the 40s to 50s °F on a December, it was perfect. Yes! Emoticon by Weapons-Expert-Cool
In front of Boudin's flagship location
And yes, this was how happy I was. love-love-love by KitLightning
Thank you SFO!