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I never understand until I became one

It was my first mother’s day…

Mother’s day has always been like an ordinary day for me. Growing up, it was never in my consciousness. Of course, I greeted my mom, bought the traditional cakes, or at times, treated my family for lunch or dinner, especially after my father died… But it was just that, a regular day. No accompanying emotions.

Then I gave birth in February. First few days of May, my colleagues were already greeting me in advance.

And it was surreal. Three months into motherhood and I have become quite weepy. I know I still have not done big sacrifices, but looking at my daughter makes me realize how lucky I am to experience the joy of holding one’s own child, and how I would try to do what I can for this little being that I hold in my hands. Late nights, lack of sleep, no going outs – all worth it for just the feel of my daughter in my hands.

I was very touched when artist friend Hapiskull honored me with an illustration of me and my daughter for this year’s mother’s day. Another friend who is also a new mom was right when she said that Mother’s day is like a birthday with the numerous greetings. And only a mom would appreciate all the greetings. And it was like my birthday. In a way it is, my birthday as a mom. 😊

A memorable first mother’s day for me, all in all. And this illustration is something that will mark my first year in this new role, a life-long commitment to be the best that I can be for my daughter. 

(You can check out Hapiskull’s other illustrations here. You may also want to like his page. 👍😊)