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Eat Fresh Hongkong Famous Street Food

I think this place has been existing for a long while now. So we really do not know why we have just recently tried it.

If you are familiar with the B.F. Paranaque area, the place is just along President's Ave., after Conti's, and right before a branch of Rib Shack.

From the street, Eat Fresh looks like a small place but upon entering the side entrance, we were pleasantly surprised that it was big.

View along President's Ave., BF

Side entrance, fronting Rib Shack

It was our first time there and we can't wait to try their dishes! They actually have a lot of choices, from street food to actual meals.

We decided on the ones below.
Seafood hotpot with tofu Php 265

Cold Cuts Php 295

Special fried rice Php 100

3 kinds mushroom with vegetables Php 225
The rice arrived in a small bowl. We initially thought that it was just enough for one person but surprisingly,  it was actually enough for 2 to 3 people, depending of course on your appetite 😁 

My mother liked the seafood hotpot, while I liked their cold cuts. Their 3 kinds mushroom was so-so. I felt like i just opened a can of mushroom and put sauce on it. We would not order that again. 

I also tried their big isaw (pig intestine) and pig ears. The pig ears could be crunchier, I think.

Pig ears Php 45
Big isaw Php 45
Something new (for us at least) with lots of options. We will definitely go back to check the others. 👍😃
You can check their menu here