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Showing posts from July, 2008


And so I was called forth. But I am not part of this. Not in this circle. I was always in the peripherals. But these... these are aliens with centuries behind them. While I am but a human struggling with living. And there I was. Smiling hesitantly while they chatted, their voices dronin…


I can’t remember finishing books that fast! (Discounting of course those times in high school when I would finish one Mills and Boon in 3 hours. Well of course I have more free time then). The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer grabbed hold of me and gave me enough time to read again the s…


I never thought about it. I am young. My life stretches in front me, filling me with excitement of the unknown and all my plans for the future. My life is filled with hope for all the things that I can do and what life can offer me. And then it jolted me awake. Life is fragile. Life is pr…