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Showing posts from May, 2013

Kasuga Ramen House

I seldom go to Quezon City. Not because i don’t want to (after all, it was my second home back in college), but because there was never really the time (or reason) to go here. So whenever an opportunity  comes along to eat at the area, i welcome it. I know that there are a lot of nice …

Fambond at Little Quiapo

Sunday lunch was unplanned. After church, we found ourselves roaming around BF Paranaque trying to find a lunch place. This time, we decided on Little Quiapo. Our awareness of Little Quiapo was as Mom and Dad’s date place. I am not really sure how many times they went there back in the…

Tasty Tucker on a Sunday (again)

Wrote about Tasty Tucker months back (see it here ) and we found ourselves back in the place. Well I guess it will always be that way whenever we go to HMR Philippines at East Service Road as that is the only dine in area there. This time around, we tried their salads and pastas, and o…